FBI Buffalo thank you letter (December 2015)

US DOJ thank you letter (January 2016)

  • I really wasn't too enthusiastic about attending this training. I thought, 'How is disability training relevant to the police department?' Soon after the training started I realized it's very relevant to the police department and first responders. Whether a person with a disability is a victim or an offender, you need to realize why this person is responding or not responding in a certain way. Also, it's very good to know how to communicate. It's very important to know what to do and not to do, especially for the victim's sake.

    This training is VERY relevant to police officers.
    Police Captain
  • I am writing to let you know that last week, I attended the train-the-trainer for FIRST RESPONDERS – DISABILITY AWARENESS TRAINING at the Law Enforcement Training Director’s meeting in Saratoga Springs taught by David Whalen. In my over thirty-years of law-enforcement experience, I have attended many, many trainings, including the prestigious FBI National Academy. I must say that David’s presentation was on par with the finest trainings I’ve attended. I must admit, at the start, I was not overly enthused to find out that we would be spending two (2) entire days on this topic…HOWEVER, David’s passion and energy for the topic kept me interested and tuned in and I learned more about common disabilities that law-enforcement is most likely to come in contact with then I even knew existed. The instructor/trainer notebook and PowerPoints were as professional as I have seen and very easy to understand and teach from. Kudos to Niagara University for this program and for DAVID WHALEN. The presentation was inspiring and once I returned I took immediate steps to incorporate what I had learned into teachings at the recruit and in-service levels.
    Monroe Community College Public Safety Program Coordinator/Instructor
  • All in all, I was very glad that I signed up for this training. I also believe that when I bring this info back to my department, and other local departments, that my EMS peers will also feel the same benefits and growth from this knowledge. I was also appreciative of all the talking points which ard included.
    East Hampton Village (NY) Ambulance Certified Instructor Coordinator
  • Great information - great videos!
    Seneca Falls (NY) Volunteer EMT
  • The material and other training materials are excellent! Dave is incredibly passionate about what he does.
    CIC, EMT-B, Adjunct at Monroe Community College
  • Overview of disabilities was very comprehensive. Tips for interaction were concrete and easy to follow.
    Penfield (NY) Volunteer Emergency Ambulance
  • All topics were found to be informative. The presenter was well-prepared and kept attention. One of the better presentations.
    Westchester (NY) Office for the Disabled Director
  • All good! Entire training was helpful and informative in a holistic approach!
    NYS OCFS Disaster Assistance Centers Task Force
  • I enjoyed the number/types of disabilities covered by the session and appreciated the use of discussions, videos and interactive exercises. All resources/handouts will be very helpful.
    New York State Office of Temporary & Disability Assistance
  • I thought that this material was very well presented and showed me just how important this knowledge is for all involved. Can't wait to share what I learned.
    Armor (NY) Volunteer Fire Company Firefighter/EMT
  • This training should be a mandatory training for all fire, police, and EMS organizations. Good job!
    Fire Safety Representative, New York State Office for Fire Prevention & Control
  • Exceeded my expectations. Very well put-together/catered to police audience.
    Deputy Sheriff
  • Great content with this course and thankful for simple way to follow and train it later.
    Police Lieutenant
  • The information provideed in this course is very useful for law enforcement. The videos are interesting and informative. [Dave Whalen] understands we have to do our job, but is giving us information to help us do it better.
    Greece (NY) Police Officer
  • The entire program was effective and interesting. Videos are excellent. A lot of critical information. Instructor was energetic and passionate about the topic.
    Delhi (NY) Police Captain
  • Dave clearly has a passion for the work that he is doing and it is evident in the way he presented the material. I have attended quite a few trainings in the 11 years I have been doing this job and this one ranks right at the top. This is a topic that I didn’t realize covered so much and is so important to our jobs every day. So on behalf of the Geneva Police Department I would like to thank you for the opportunity to pass along this important training to the officers of the Geneva Police Department.
    Geneva (NY) Police Sergeant
  • This was probably the best class I have taken in my law enforcement career.
    Monroe County (NY) Deputy Sheriff
  • There is a great deal of good information in the course content. The resources provided were very good as well. The instructor managed his time very well! He moved the class at a good pace. Good PowerPoint and video selections. The lesson plan and handouts will be very useful to instruct from.
    Criminal Investigator
  • Fantastic instructor. Very knowledgeable, great grasp of subject matter. One of the better communicators I have seen in 19 years of Law Enforcement.
    Police Captain
  • Fulfilled a tremendous need that was overdue. It was Law Enforcement specific. The theory-based portion segued into the street-level portion. Since it was topical, various components can be culled, for any specific audience and time frame. The videos, autonomously, were very informative. Excellent Train-the-Trainer talking points. Dave was engaging, knowledge was unrivaled, NOT preachy.
    Police Captain/Training Director