FBI Buffalo thank you letter (December 2015)

US DOJ thank you letter (January 2016)

  • All very valuable information, which can only help emergency responders do their job more effectively. Very complete reference materials.
    Niagara County Sheriff's Office
  • WOW!!! This course was great - it opened my eyes to disability awareness.
    Police Officer
  • First-rate course that addresses a need in the law enforcement community. Very thorough overview. Great balance of formats allows flexibility on presentations. Excellent presenter - is able to combine professional expertise and personal experience.
    Police Lieutenant
  • Excellent course for trainers. Well needed.
    Police Lieutenant
  • Content was great and it breaks down the subject matter in a way I feel is perfect for teaching. David was very well-spoken and one can see his passion for the subject matter.
    Police Officer
  • The Trainer Manual was excellent. Extremely easy to follow. One of the best I have ever used. Well written and detailed. Best part was that it was written for police responders. Excellent speaker, knows subject matter, relates well to class.
    Law Enforcement Training Officer
  • The curriculum was organized very well. Very user-friendly. Shouldn't have an issue when presenting this curriculum to the department.
    Police Officer
  • Good overall program. Covered many topics with good overview but manual provided more detail if needed. Videos lended good course support. Very good resource material. Dave is extremely well-versed. He relates very well to the class - excellent presenter.
    Police Officer
  • Important topic to help police gain more compassion and proper incident management.
    Police Officer
  • This course should be an in-service (mandatory) for all law enforcement officers, especially those who have been on the road for years. I enjoyed watching the videos. The police examples helped with dealing with real situations and how I would respond when/if in those same situations. Dave was very engaging and very easy to listen to. He kept me interested and wanting to know more.
    Police Officer
  • Extremely informative and educational. I will recommend it to other police officers. The visual aids were extremely helpful. Great handouts! They will be extremely helpful at work. Dave is extremely knowledgeable on these topics and is very well-spoken.
    Police Officer
  • Very informative. Touched on many topics which I did not expect. Made me realize how much knowledge I lacked in regard to several disabilities.
    Criminal Investigator
  • Really enjoyed this presentation and look forward to incorporating this and building a class around this subject matter.
    Riverhead Volunteer Ambulance Corps. PWI/EMT
  • Props to NU for putting together a wonderful and comprehensive course and resource guide for us to use and implement in the field.
    Scarsdale (NY) Firefighter/EMT
  • Really liked the books and literature. Just a wealth of knowledge. Very comprehensive website. Also provided where to find help the first responder needs!
    Lumberland (NY) FD President, Sullivan County Bureau of EMS Deputy Coordinator
  • The entire training has made me look at the various conditions and disorders in an entirely different way. I notice there are various individuals I never connected with before.
    Rural Metro Medical Services Paramedic
  • The videos presented helped to explain the disability. Very effective - contained excellent facts. Dave was knowledgeable - great presentation.
    Plainview (NY) EMT/Chaplain
  • All information provided was equally useful. The presentation offers a lot of information about a broad spectrum of conditions/disabilities that many people are either misinformed or uninformed about. Great 'baseline' course for many topics.
    Fire Safety Representative, New York State Office for Fire Prevention & Control
  • Excellent awareness training that can help responders be more cognizant of their own behaviors and modify them to better treat the disabled as PERSONS FIRST.
    Willowvale Fire Company & Edwards Ambulance (NY) Paramedic/CME Coordinator
  • Great job. Congratulations on a great program. It appears to have proven success in the first responder fields. Thank you.
    Watertown (NY) Fire Captain, Public Education