FBI Buffalo thank you letter (December 2015)

US DOJ thank you letter (January 2016)

  • This training was spot on, very informative! The presentation was professional.
    Indian River Ambulance (NY) EMT-B
  • During my tenure as a full time officer, I wish we would have had this training. I would not have had to learn this the hard way. Education is the key to success in dealing with individuals with disabilities.
    Retired police officer, reserve deputy
  • This course should definitely be incorporated into the basic police academy
    New York State Trooper
  • The class was extremely informative. Sheds a positive light on persons with disabilities.
    Communications Training Officer, Orleans County (NY) Sheriff's Office
  • This class gave me a lot of cues to make me aware, not only professionally but personally as well. Dave is a great trainer – he is very knowledgeable and interactive with the class.
    Senior Dispatcher, Erie County (NY) Central Police Services
  • David Whalen is very knowledgeable of the information he is presenting. Excellent class. I learned a lot.
    TLC EMS (NY) Dispatch Supervisor
  • Great program, long overdue for PSAP setting.
    Communications Sergeant, Saratoga County (NY) Sheriff's Office
  • Instructor was great, very knowledgeable. Content was valuable and interesting. I think this training will be a big hit and will be around for many, many years!
    Monroe County Emergency Communications Department Dispatcher
  • Thanks for improving my understanding of people with disabilities and for making me aware of all the opportunities to help these folks. I am even more grateful for the opportunity to spread the word about people with disabilities to my fellow LEOs.
    Westfield (NY) PD Patrolman & Training Officer