NYS ADA Coordinator Listing

This list is under construction, and has been for a while now. Our office reaches out to municipalities with 50 or more employees (per the ADA) to identify their ADA coordinator. People are transferred, municipalities have never assigned someone, or they have never responded to our request. Some municipalities have less than 50 municipal employees but still have ADA Coordinators.

If you have information to update our list, please let us know OR call your municipality and inquire as to who is in this role and contact us.

Every county needs an ADA Coordinator. As of July 2014, we have identified 41 out of the 55 county coordinators. In all of New York State, 151 municipalities have at least 50 employees and therefore require an ADA Coordinator. We have been able to identify only 60 of those 151 coordinators, but we have also found 76 coordinators in municipalities that are not required to have one. 

Of these 136 identified coordinators, 24 of them have gone through our Town Hall Training.